Our care offer

Surgery in nephrology
Consultation and teleconsultation

U2nc offers patients a hemodialysis treatment adapted to their profile, which takes into account their state of health and their degree of autonomy. Its goal: to slow the progression of their chronic kidney disease. Our company also intervenes upstream of dialysis by providing nephrology consultations in Noumea, Koné, Bourail and La Foa. Finally, we are involved in the kidney transplant program of New Caledonia by preparing patients to use this treatment.

To achieve its mission, U2nc relies on state-of-the-art equipment (dialysis generators and water treatment of the latest generation, echodopplers …). We have an in-house pharmacy that allows us to control the corresponding supply chain.

We ensure your dialysis


U2nc practices day hemodialysis in all its care units, in Nouméa (Kuindo-Magnin clinic and Médisud), Koné, Bourail and La Foa, using two techniques: 

  • conventional hemodialysis; 
  • hemodiafiltration (HDF), which adds massive filtration to conventional hemodialysis and further purifies the patient’s blood of its large toxins. U2nc owns the modern equipment necessary for this technique. 

Since the end of 2020, U2nc has also been offering long-term night dialysis in some of its units. This is a great step forward for the patient’s quality of life.


In 2021, U2nc is caring for 318 patients in its hemodialysis units.

Our company also ensures clinical or technical withdrawals of patients coming from peripheral units and who are not treated in hemodialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis

U2nc sets catheters and performs follow-up consultations for patients who are treated in peritoneal dialysis. We assist Atir in its care of patients who use peritoneal self-dialysis at home.


In 2021, U2nc is providing care to 11 peritoneal dialysis patients.

We perform surgery interventions

U2nc performs surgery for nephrological and diagnostic purpose as well as functional explorations: 

  • placement of dialysis catheters; 
  • creation and monitoring of dialysis vascular accesses (ultrasound and Doppler monitoring, functional exploration, angioplasty); 
  • renal biopsies.

We meet hospitalization needs

U2nc hospitalizes patients for clinical nephrology, nephropathy assessments, complications on dialysis or transplanted people. We perform, in day hospitalization, ambulatory care and nephrological functional explorations.

We provide nephrology consultations

U2nc offers medical consultations to patients with renal insufficiency, dialysis, kidney transplants, or to patients suffering from various kidney damage (diseases specific to the kidney, metabolic, immune, etc.). These consultations cover the following areas: 

  • clinical nephrology; 
  • treatment of renal replacement (transplantation, peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis in units or at home). 


To closely monitor patients in peripheral units far from Nouméa, U2nc has developed remote consultation (teleconsultation), according to a very rigorous health protocol. Its physicians carry it out using the patient’s nephrology medical file common to all New Caledonian institutions that provide nephrological care. U2nc contacts patients by phone or video and then sends treatment prescriptions by e-mail, as well as to pharmacies.

We promote kidney transplantation

U2nc offers its patients all the techniques of renal replacement, including kidney transplantation. If compatible for the transplant, the patient is referred to our partner, CHT Gaston Bourret, the only health body authorized to perform transplantation from the kidneys of living and deceased donors.

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